At the cutting edge….

The news that the Ministry of Justice through the National Offender Management Management Service (NOMS) is adopting the Social Enterprise Mark’s criteria in its social enterprise contract is very welcome.  Recognition that clarity is needed by government and contractors is long overdue.

How can government be confident that it has really supported genuine social enterprises without some form of certification and understanding of what it has bought?

This logic has been mirrored by our experiences with the private sector in our 50in250 campaign.  Big companies are also looking for reassurance that what they are buying into is genuinely ‘doing what it says on the tin’.  This week Telereal Trillium has also made the commitment to buy from at least 5 certified social enterprises over the next few months.

Those innovative social enterprises already certified with the Mark are the early adopters at the cutting edge of social enterprise developments both internationally and in the UK (a world leader in the social enterprise field).  The European Commission, for instance, has prioritised the labelling of social enterprises that it supports.  That trend will continue to grow.


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