Lucy Findlay, Managing Director, Social Enterprise Mark

Lucy Findlay is Managing Director of the Social Enterprise Mark Co.  Under her leadership, RISE led the development of the Social Enterprise Mark, the brand for social enterprises, from concept and initial launch in South West England, to national launch at Voice10, in February 2010.  Lucy was instrumental in gaining support for the project from the Coalition and its key partners, leading to the formation of the Social Enterprise Mark Company.  The Mark continues to grow in popularity and has attracted interest nationally and internationally.

Lucy trained as a town planner and has worked for the Development Trusts Association and ACRE, as well as working on secondment to both the Government Office for the South East and SEEDA, and vice-chairing RAISE, the South East VCS network.  Lucy is also a fellow of the RSA.

twitter: http://twitter.com/LucyFindlay/


2 responses to “About

  1. Dear Lucy,

    We are a genuine social enterprise (CIC) operating since 2006 providing supported training and work experience to those in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. I was unaware of the Social Enterprise Mark. could you give us more information.

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